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Grease Trap Repair, Installation & Cleaning

If you are the manager or owner of a Monmouth County New Jersey area restaurant or food service, KKD ENTERPRISES INC is here to help you stay in conformity with all local, state and municipal state and local regulations. We can help to make sure that all of your grease bearing fixtures and devices are connected to the right grease abatement system for your specific situation, from a small grease trap inside your restaurant to a large tank outside, KKD ENTERPRISES INC can install all types of Grease Abatement systems including:

  • Grease Traps

  • Grease Interceptors

  • Automatic Grease Recovery Devices

Once you comply, KKD ENTERPRISES INC can keep you in compliance with regular pumping and maintenance, water jetting and commercial drain cleaning. Our commercial pumper trucks have been servicing businesses in the Monmouth County area for over 30 years from Washington DC, small restaurant and church kitchens to food service facilities and large commercial & institutional kitchens KKD ENTERPRISES INC does it all!

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Pump Truck

KKD ENTERPRISES INC offers Vacuum Pumping Services for business and local municipalities in the Monmouth County area. We employ a low-profile pumping truck which is valuable in situations where we have clearance to get a pumping job done. Many restaurants and some commercial office buildings have grit and oil separators and sewage ejector pits in their lower-level garage areas which makes our low-profile trucks extremely valuable.

At KKD ENTERPRISES INC, we are committed to doing the finest job for our customers, and sometimes that means having the best equipment available.

Catch basins should be cleaned consistently – at least once per year, or more depending on the frequency of use. The job of a catch basin is to trap debris, preventing pipes downstream from blockage. Because of the nature of catch basins, they are quite susceptible to collecting muck and debris that should be cleared as frequently as possible. KKD ENTERPRISES INC offers vacuum pumping services for your catch basin, providing you with a comprehensive solution for removing the buildup.

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